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Admissions Workshops

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We can help demystify the private school admissions process in our private, custom workshops for parenting groups, schools, and corporations. Spring is the perfect time to host an admissions workshop and we work with all grade levels. Topics covered can include:

▶︎ Important application timelines and deadlines ​

▶︎ Open house and tour etiquette​

▶︎ Interview tips for parents and students ​

▶︎ Admissions testing options​

▶︎ Advice for well-crafted parent statements 

▶︎ Supplemental materials for the application 

▶︎ Personal letters of recommendation 

▶︎ School correspondence advice 

▶︎ Waitlist management 

▶︎ And more!

 Learn more about us and The Admissions Plan's educational consulting services to help you find the perfect school for your child. 

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