Late Application Services

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Whether seeking a different academic challenge, unexpectedly relocating, or navigating family changes, finding a new school on a compressed or mid-year timeline will present unique challenges.


▶︎ Outreach to schools to find possible openings​

▶︎ Making sure you are familiar with each available option

▶︎ Advice with late-application procedures​

▶︎ Unlimited phone calls and emails 

▶︎ Advice, reviews, and edits​ of parent statements and student essays

▶︎ Practice interviews with both parents and child ​​

▶︎ Testing and tutoring advice and referrals ​

▶︎ Tips, advice, and review for school communications 

▶︎ Help with enrollment decisions

We can help lessen your stress during this crucial time, and are committed to finding a school where your child will thrive.