Relocation Services

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The Admissions Plan works with many national and international families who are looking to relocate to New York City. Using our years of knowledge and experience, we help you find the right placement for your child.


▶︎ In-depth consultation introducing you to the depth and breadth of NYC private schools​ and their neighborhoods 

▶︎ Targeted list of best-fit schools based on family values and child information 

▶︎ Follow-up report with next steps and a personalized timeline to keep you on track

▶︎ Unlimited phone calls and emails 

▶︎ Advice, reviews, and edits​ of parent statements and student essays

▶︎ Arrange for tours and interviews with school admissions officers

▶︎ Practice interviews with both parents and child 

▶︎ Testing and tutoring advice and referrals 

▶︎ Tips, advice, and review for school communications 

▶︎ Help with enrollment decisions and managing waitlists ​​​

Moving to a new city is difficult.

Let us guide you through this challenging process.