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NYC Admissions: Get Prepared

August is a great time to enjoy lazy days at the beach, finish up your summer reading lists, and start thinking about applications! More and more schools are opening their portals in August, so now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming application season. Remember that families file applications a year in advance of when students actually attend their new schools, so with that in mind, here are some tips for a strong start to your season.

Narrowing the List

There are over 80 private schools in our region. Each has a unique culture and offers wonderful opportunities for your child to learn and grow in different ways. Now is the time to start researching! Visit school websites, speak with friends you trust, and figure out what type of academic environment most appeals to you. Doing the research now will enable you to hit the ground running in September as you file applications and sign up for open houses and interviews. Still confused as to what might be the best option for your family? See Choosing the Right NYC Private School for more information.

School Visits

Start thinking about fall visits. If applying to Nursery and Kindergarten, you will most likely be attending in-person playgroups. There are some easy things to do now to ensure your child will be comfortable: visit new places, encourage them to have conversations with new adults, and compliment them when they play nicely with new children. For those applying to Middle and Upper School, share compelling school websites to gauge interest, speak about the importance of a strong fall semester, and practice replying to questions with interesting, detailed answers for their interviews. Lastly, to get yourself in top shape for the parent interview, see 5 Tips for a Successful Parent Interview.


Many schools went test optional during the pandemic. Others, however, will ask for standardized test scores or have your child take in-house assessments. Now is the time to think about your child’s testing strengths and challenges, and to possibly consider tutoring. You should also be signing up for standardized testing so that you can secure a date that works best with your family’s schedule. For more on testing, please see Let’s Talk Testing.

There are many more things to do to ensure the fall application season is a success. Looking for a way to wade through all of the chatter and find the right-fit school for your child? Seeking someone to keep you organized? Need help assessing your child and possibly finding great tutors? We fully support our families with all aspects of the application season. Give The Admissions Plan a call today!


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