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5 Tips for a Successful Parent Interview

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Interviews are your 15-minute chance to shine and sell your child as best you can. Here are some quick tips:

Turn off your cell phone

Short of a life-threatening emergency, you need to be present. Shut off that phone and give everything you’ve got to the admissions rep. Your presence matters!

Ask questions

Just like a job interview, show that you are invested and want this “position” by expressing interest. Make sure you dig into school websites and ask questions beyond what is stated. And ask positive questions that show you want to get involved in the school’s community.

Be virtually savvy

Zoom links can go wonky and connections can fail. Make sure you set aside extra time to log on, have the admissions office phone number on hand in case you cannot connect, and lock up the cat so she doesn’t walk across your keyboard.

Be polite to everyone

From the moment you step foot into an NYC private school -- or click open that Zoom frame -- until the moment you leave, assume everything you do is being assessed. Be kind and courteous to everyone, from the smallest child to the front desk staff to the head of school. Schools want considerate, nice people in their community… show them you fit right in!

Be prepared for the big and the small

You may get open ended questions -- “what does your family like to do?” -- or pointed questions -- “why single-sex education?” Have specific examples in mind that highlight your child’s passions, what you want in a school, and how you can add to that school’s culture. You’ve got this!

Lots of factors go into preparing for a successful admissions interview. As educational consultants in NYC, we will guide you through the process and practice with you to ensure you ace the interview. Partner with The Admissions Plan so you can maximize your chances for placement at the best school for your child! Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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