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How to Write a Great Parent Statement

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Admissions season is in full swing. Preliminary applications have been submitted and interviews are being scheduled. A key component to any student’s application not to be overlooked is the parent statement. These offer a window into who your child is as a student, as a community member, and quite frankly, as a human being. Here are some guidelines to follow to make the most out of what you write:

Start early

Waiting until the 11th hour to write your parent statement is never a good idea. Don’t make the mistake of quickly jotting down some thoughts and clicking “submit.” Be thoughtful about what you would like the schools to know. Give yourself the time and space to really sit with the question and think about your answer. Otherwise your statement will be generic and read like hundreds of other essays they have already read.

Paint a complete picture

Take this opportunity to share specific details as to what makes your child unique and special. Rattling off a list of adjectives, activities, or achievements doesn’t really sound impressive. We recommend that you start with an outline of the key character traits you want to share and see if any themes begin to emerge that tell a story. You know the common advice of “show, don’t tell” when writing? That’s exactly what you want to do. Use anecdotes to show how your child is “athletic” or “a brainiac.” Then tie everything together with interesting details to create a compelling story for the school.

Sometimes less is more

Some schools have maximum word limits, others don’t. Regardless, you want to shoot for quality over quantity. Writing 10 paragraphs that list every possible detail about your child will not make for a better application. You want to keep your reader interested and wanting more. And remember: it’s always great to save some stories for your interview!

These are just a few of the suggestions we have for writing a memorable parent statement. Want to hear more? Call us at The Admissions Plan to find out how we can help support you and your child on this educational journey.


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